Friday, September 4, 2009

reducing waste

1) Utilizing PaperBackSwap and the library instead of buying books new. Also, unless I find a book to be exceptional book, I usually pass it on once I'm finished with it so that someone else might enjoy it and our home can stay pared down from unnecessary clutter.
2) Buying clothes at second-hand stores at least 50% of the time or more. We also readily accept offers of hand-me-downs from others.
3) Cooking and baking from scratch as much as possible. This is not only healthier for us, but it eliminates much of the extra packaging which comes along with eating a lot of boxed and processed foods.
4) Thinking before I throw something out, "Is there another way I can use this?"
5) Reusing foil and plastic bags until there is no life left in them. In addition, we use Tupperware or pans/containers with lids instead of disposable containers whenever we can and, by doing so, I've found that I can get by with only buying a small roll of aluminum foil and a box of plastic bags every six months or so.
6) Eliminating paper towels and using cloth rags/towels instead.
7) Keeping it simple: Staying home more, not having an excess of clothing or household items, drinking water most of the time, and trying to only buy what we need.
8) Only requesting free samples for items we'll use.

from money saving mom

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